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Ambrosia is the firstborn hangout restaurant in the city of Trivandrum. The terminological definition for Ambrosia in Greek Mythology is "Food or Drink of the Gods", mainly Demigods, Opening in 1996 with its first eatery at Bakery Junction. Ambrosia was swift in winning over its first set of customers by appealing to the local need for Zeal, quality and excellence in food production. Facing increased demand which correlated with local growth, Ambrosia expanded operational activities and guaranteed its place among leading eateries around the city. Ambrosia now has expanded to four branches and additional take-away counters at various stores around the city. When the operations were commenced in the city, a wave was created with a novelty and uniqueness which served extensive choices along with definitive standards. The brand continues its legacy of exclusiveness, Competitive pricing and efficiency which satisfies new and veteran customers alike, Ambrosia is essentiallly a vessel that shares their passion with folks who appreciate exceptional cuisine and are open to sharing that excitement with others.

In adherence to technological progression, Ambrosia developing online applicaions like EBS orders; which enables recipients to order from the comfort of their home and expect deliveries within city limits at a time of their choice, The brand has also developed the QR code Mobile App, which has in essence made placing orders a "Piece of cake"